Reasoned Impulse

UCSD Design Lab (Coursera): Interaction Design Capstone Project

This image displays the initial concept connection screen for the app entitled Random Impulse. The screen’s caption reads, “New users can access tutorial breakouts.”
This is the initial connection screen for the two randomly selected concepts.

“Design an interface that facilitates personal or social behavior change.”

Read, Chaos, Deliberate, Epiphany, Dawn, Emerge, Transconnect, Impulse, Orienteer, Evolve, Intuit, Escape

This is the first set of 12 panels of the 24-panel storyboard for the project.
This is the second set of 12 panels of the 24-panel storyboard for the project.
This is a set of 12 cards for the project’s paper prototype.
I wish that Medium allowed for image size adjustment, as this button is funnier when it is smaller.

“Imagine that you would like to change something. It could be about yourself, the world, or whatever you like.

Next, imagine that you have been having a difficult time coming up with new ideas about how to make that change. So you are feeling stuck.

Finally, while talking this situation over with a friend, they suggest that you try an app called Deliberate Impulse. They describe it as something like a word game that will help to shake loose some new ideas.”

“Your only substantial instruction is to walk yourself through the site, clicking on whatever catches your fancy. Some things are active buttons, and other things are not. You can’t go wrong with this… there is nothing that you need to learn, and you will not be quizzed.

This early prototype won’t allow you to actually enter any information, so that part of the app is all mocked up (in blue or green text); however, you should still be able to get a sense of what it might be like to use this app to learn and apply the creative technique that it scaffolds.

I hope that you find this to be entertaining.”



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